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Our commitment is to help business leaders build and sustain transformational ideas to keep them one step ahead of the competition and flourishing in these rapidly changing times. Let us be the live wire that brings that positive energy to YOUR brand.

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Marketing Consulting

At Redwire, marketing isn't esoteric; it can be felt, held and understood by the target audience. We combine insights on your business and consumers with creative thinking to deliver effective marketing solutions that drive results.
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Insights & Intelligence

At Redwire, ”Intelligent Marketing” always begins with unearthing the key insights that drive decision-making. With our data-driven approach, you can trust us to provide the intelligence you need to improve your marketing efforts.
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Brand Design

At Redwire, we understand that brands live in all the senses of your customers and people. Our job therefore is to combine the rigours of science with creative excellence to evolve a resonant brand that connects emotionally.
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Case Studies

The results of successful, intelligent marketing speak for themselves.


What makes Redwire Marketing Consulting stand out from the crowd?

We’re not even in the crowd. Our use of intelligent marketing sets us apart. The combination of our marketing consultancy and brand design plus our commitment to delivering qualitative results to our clients makes us one of a kind, as demonstrated by our successful results.

We help you learn more about your brand and customers, so that Redwire can turn that information into action and results.


Using marketing intelligence to deliver leading-edge viewpoints