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Frequently asked questions

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What does Redwire Marketing Consulting do?

We’re an insights-driven marketing and brand consultancy committed to helping our clients build and sustain transformational brands and marketing strategies that unlock potential, connect audiences, and inspire growth. We understand both the science and art of Marketing.

What are the core business offerings?

The core capabilities revolve around 4 core competencies: Marketing from development to implementation, Branding Design for organizations and individuals, Insights and intelligence involving research & data gathering, distilling the insights into tangible sustainable business ideas and Sponsorship involving assets development and valuations, events management, and activations.

How do you price your services?

We are a value for money solutions provider and so we provide the highest standards in our service delivery to our clients. We provide our clients with a not-to exceed cost estimate during the client onboarding process. We work with our clients to develop tailor made services suited to their specific business needs, we outline our chosen plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions.

What size of organizations do you work with?

At Redwire we work with organizations with varying sizes and scope from the ministries, parastatals, agencies of the public sector, to medium-large scale organizations across every industry in the private sector and NGO’s.