Brand Design

We build purposeful brands that transform businesses.

Let's help you create a brand that inspires action; creates meaning; influences behaviour; shapes culture; drives engagement; and propels your business to sustainable success.

At Redwire, we understand that brands live in all the senses of your customers and people. Our job therefore is to combine the rigours of science with creative excellence to evolve a resonant brand that connects emotionally.

Our approach begins with evaluating your current realities (who you are, why you matter, your audiences and their behaviours) and establishing your future aspirations. Our design team then puts your brand through our DesignFurnaceTM, churning out its physical presence, icons, emotions and sensorial elements, all the while ensuring that they are well aligned with your marketing, financial and business goals.

Our work is only complete when when we have created a distinct brand that drives growth through efficient internal and external communications... one that is clearly aligned with your business vision and one that communicates a relevant, differentiated and clear message.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

  1. Research & Analytics
  2. Positioning & Proposition
  3. Naming
  4. Architecture & Portfolio Management
  5. Brand Story & Messaging Strategy
  6.  Brand Equity Audit & Valuation

Brand Identity

  1. Corporate Identity Development
  2. Visual & Verbal Identity
  3. Retail & Branded Environments
  4. Sensory, Sound & Motion
  5. Products & Packaging
  6. Style Guide & Brand Books

User Experience

  1. Touch-point Integration
  2. User Interface Design & Integration
  3. Application Design & Development
  4. Mobile & Web Integration
  5. Data Visualizations
  6. Digital Experiences

Promotions & Integration

  1. Brand Campaigns (Strategy & Execution)
  2. Brand Communications
  3. Employee Engagement & Integrations
  4. Customer & Stakeholder Activations
  5.  Branded Events & Experiences

Case Studies

The results of successful, intelligent marketing speak for themselves


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