Warner Bros

Warner Bros


Feb 2018


Research, Market Intelligence


Searchlights on Nollywood

American entertainment company, Warner Bros commissioned us to provide useful insights into the size, dynamics and potential of Nigeria’s burgeoning entertainment and movie industry (Nollywood).
Nigeria’s movie and entertainment industry experienced significant growth over the past decade and it is no wonder that globally renowned.

What We Did

Engaging with industry stakeholders, we explored the evolution of the movie industry and gathered quantitative data on the film market (size and potential) in Nigeria. In exploring the movie
industry, we compiled a list of all existing cinema’s, assessed the box-office performance of all major productions and analyzed the distribution challenge in Nigeria, providing actionable
recommendations where necessary. Aside from the movie industry, we provided an in-depth analysis of
the music industry (revenue’s, supply chain, distribution employment capacity and key players), the pay TV market (size, provider, revenues, employment and payroll) amongst others. The team conducted over 350 interviews, visited 23 states of the Federation and analyzed significant volumes of data during this process.

The Results

The result was an exhaustive 80-page report, capturing key business indicators and statistics for the movie and music businesses. The report includes a state-by-state estimation analysis and forecast, 3- year historical trends, as well as growth projections for the future of the respective industries. The information was provided using engaging graphics that made it easy to read and
actionable insights were provided using infographics.