Marketing Consulting

Intelligent Marketing solutions that deliver sustainable growth.

Traditional approaches are no longer enough. “Without Marketing, there’s no market. Marketing is neither convoluted nor’s about real life; getting the most out of relationships”. Jonathan Gabay

At Redwire, marketing isn't esoteric; it can be felt, held and understood by the target audience. We combine insights on your business and consumers with creative thinking to deliver effective marketing solutions that drive results. Let's help you unlock the potential of your business with tailored strategies and creative programs that stand you out from the competition.

Our customised marketing model, bouquet of solutions and analytic capabilities resolve complex business problems. Every step of the way, our ultimate goal is to ensure that you grow profitably.

Whether in the areas of marketing strategy, content marketing, digital marketing, social media, research, strategic marketing consulting or communications, we immerse ourselves in your business- how it operates, your business culture, your methods – and apply our thinking, insights and passion to achieve tangible results.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

The A-Z of your marketing program

  • Market research
  • Strategy (positioning, proposition
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Market Entry & Opportunity Analysis
  • Monitoring, and evaluation.


Efficiently propagating a clear purpose and offering

  • Strategy Design & Planning
  • Creative & Visual Communications
  • Editorial Design & Publication
  • Reputation Management

Content Marketing

Creative Content that delivers measurable results

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Conception, Design & Production
  • Content Distribution & Optimization

Digital Marketing

Driving transformation through digital integration.

  • Online Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy, Planning & Optimization
  • Marketing Technology Audit & Optimization
  • Digital Channel Audit & Evaluation.

Product Development & Sales Strategy

Products that work hard for the business

Product portfolio & design, management, targeting, testing, Product & Sales strategies, customer experience, POS strategies & plans.

Marketing Mix Optimization

Optimizing spend across all channels

Optimize and manage spending across all the elements of your marketing mix. Forecast & maximize resource & budget allocations across platforms, customer segments, campaigns, channels & media.

Marketing Organization & Capability Development

Building & equipping a solid marketing team

Marketing team competency testing & building, In-house Trainings, Role-Plays, Marketing Process Development, Organization Design.

Go-To-Market & Execution

Achieving results through excellent execution

Working with your team and agency partners to produce and deploy your advertising, PR, Direct Marketing, social media, or digital marketing programs.

Case Studies

The results of successful, intelligent marketing speak for themselves


Using marketing intelligence to deliver leading-edge viewpoints

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