Feb 2018


Research, Product Design, Brand & Typography Design

Tank is a concept tablet PC that’s built like an elegant “war tank”… sleek in design, yet it packs more power than two PC’s combined.

Built with the power of a super computer in a handheld frame, Tanks Graphic Processing Unit runs in the Cray Linux Environment allowing it to process data and information faster than two PC’s.

The tablet will be used for on-field data gathering, payment processing, storage and management of files gathered on the field or in remote areas. This device will be the first tablet pc than can combine various features e.g. receive payments, process biometric data, capture images and read QR codes all in one sleek-handheld device.

The device will have a unique elastic-grip at the back of the device to enable users and field officers hold the device conveniently and adjust the bands to fit all hand-sizes.

The device also utilizes guerilla-glass technology and is drop proof, shock proof and weather proof. Its IP 68 configuration means it can be used in any weather condition, as well as under waters as deep as 5m.

The Tank’s capacious lithium battery has a 23-hour standby time when used for video or data processing, and lasts up to 35 hours when in standby mode.

All these features are packed into an elegant and sleek product that’s very classy.