Paelon Memorial Clinic

Paelon Memorial Clinic


Feb 2018


Brand Design, Marketing Collateral, Web, Print


Brand Strategy and Design for Family Clinic

Paelon Memorial Clinic is a Lagos-based family hospital established in 2010 to provide exceptional healthcare solutions for its patients. With an open, inquisitive and collaborative culture and
with a life-long commitment to learning and innovation, the mission of the clinic is to enhance the health and lives of its people by providing efficient and effective medical care of the highest quality.

What We Did

At the inception of the clinic, the promoters briefed us to design the corporate identity and brand strategy that would help achieve its objectives. We began the task by undertaking a series of discovery protocols, sending a team of experts on a “mystery shopping” expedition to record their experience. Once we gathered insights from our research, we sat with the team to create the brand
strategy, including a revamped customer journey, vision, mission and values statement. We worked on the voice of the organization and then proceeded to design a unique identity that drew its
inspiration from the personal story of the founder and promoter of the business.


We delivered a brand new logo anchored on the solid foundation of a clear brand strategy. We translated the logo to marketing collateral, including stationery, welcome packs, website, livery,
signage and brochure. Paelon successfully launched their new brand and utilized the strategy we designed to grow patient footfall and retention by as much as 65% in the first year.