“Oober” Havens

“Oober” Havens


Feb 2018


Research, Brand Design, Activation, Employee Engagement


Uber Strategy & Designs for Property Company

“Oober” Havens (O’Haven’s for short) is a boutique property management company that specializes in full-service property rentals, sales, marketing and marketing services. The firm offers the
kind of attention and services that larger and big-box property management companies cannot offer. They work primarily with savvy investors and businesses that need a more personalized offering for the management and marketing of their real estate assets.

What We Did

The promoters of Oober Havens approached us to help them research and create an abridged version of their name, articulate their corporate goals and combine these elements together in an
aesthetically compelling brand. We began by engaging the promoters and a few existing customers in our unique discovery process and combined our findings with customer insights to create a clear strategy for the business. Once this phase was completed, we proceeded to design a corporate identity for the brand and expand that identity to all the properties within the company’s portfolio.


Client launched their brand during a customer appreciation dinner, during which we surveyed wider opinion on our work. The results were overwhelmingly positive, and the new visual identity was very
well received by staff of the organisation.