Insights and Intelligence

Data and intelligence that provide the foresight to succeed

Acquire the knowledge, data and intelligence to power decision-making and optimize business performance.

At Redwire, ”Intelligent Marketing” always begins with unearthing the key insights that drive decision-making. This is because we believe that for businesses to grow sustainably, they must understand their customers as well as the customers understand themselves.

Our proprietary methods and wealth of experience make us an indispensable partner for businesses seeking deep customer, competitor, stakeholder and market intelligence to help them win.

In Nigeria for example, Redwire is one of only 2 marketing consulting firms with the breadth of customer data, national network of data agents, field technology solutions and proprietary tools that help our clients understand their audiences.

But for us, it’s not just about research. It’s about having the technology, systems and processes to translate research findings and big data sets into actionable strategies- quickly and efficiently. The result of our insights and intelligence solutions provide the foresight and confidence to make effectual decisions that achieve measurable business goals.

Our Services

Consumer & Market Research

Qualitative and Quantitative studies, In- Market Tests and market intelligence studies that unearth invaluable insights. Gather and analyse data that will help you better understand your context or customers and give you the edge over your competitors.

Customer & Market Segmentation

Analyse customer landscape and sort them into quantifiable, meaningful groups to identify their behaviours, needs, wants and issues so that targeting is more efficient.

Customer Experience Analytics

Build trust and improve customer experience by understanding the ways in which customers discover and engage with your brand or business. Explore pathways to improve the overall journey.

Market Opportunity Analysis

Identify opportunities to grow revenues. Assess the risks, attractiveness or competitiveness of new/evolving products or ideas and design strategies to harness them to improve your bottom-line.

Marketing Analytics

Utilise business and customer data to assess the returns on your marketing investments. Gain insights to ensure marketing programs operate optimally Build quantitative models, justify investments to management, or highlight areas that require improvements.

Communications Audit & Analysis

Objectively measure the effectiveness of your communications strategy or programs against set goals. Uncover trends and patterns and discover evidence-backed ways of improving communications.

Sales Analytics

Harness the power of your data to improve marketing performance and optimise business outcomes. Turn data into actionable insights to drive business and strategic decisions.

Data Analytics, Visualisation & Management

Tailor-made solutions that help sales teams understand and forecast sales volume, programs and activities. Optimise territory management and evaluate channel performance. Measure output of personnel and identify potential areas for growth or improvements.

Case Studies

The results of successful, intelligent marketing speak for themselves


Using marketing intelligence to deliver leading-edge viewpoints

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