Alexander Locke & Partners

Alexander Locke & Partners


Feb 2018


Brand Design, Corporate Identity, Print


Identity Design for Legal Firm

Alexander Locke & Partners is an international private-client entertainment law firm based in Lagos, Nigeria with an office in Central London. Led by partners with over 30 years combined experience in commercial and entertainment law, copyright and licensing, patent and trademark laws, the firm combines astute technical expertise with a track record in offering its numerous clients the best creative and practical solutions. To celebrate its 15th year anniversary, AL & P approached us to help them re-design and modernize their identity.

What We Did

The visual look and feel of the old brand was outdated, yet the partners were incredibly attached to it. We therefore decided to begin our journey with a series of discovery workshops, where we put past and present users of the brand in the same room to trace its history and envision the future. We then took the outcomes from the workshops and interviews and designed a series of options that contained elements from the old brand. We refined our designs further and ran them through our brand-tests to ensure their viability and durability.


We delivered a refreshed and visually appealing brand with an elegant icon that borrowed elements from the old brand logo. We preserved the line art style of the old brand and smoothened its effects to create the concept of a shield. Client reserved special praise for the bold, elegant colours we adopted.