Why Indomie Noodles Continues to Sit on The Noodle Market Throne

In a saturated instant noodles market where not less than 16 noodle brands are vying for the patronage of Nigerian consumers, one brand continues to occupy the market leadership position.

With approximately 74% of the market share and an estimated market growth of 40%, Indomie instant noodles is undoubtedly in the driver’s seat of the noodle industry in Nigeria.

In spite of the fierce competition it has had to face from competing brands over the years, the international noodle brand which originated from Indonesia has discovered the secret to remaining at the zenith of its industry while others are left to play catch up.

As if to confirm its undisputed position as “King of their clan,” the brand won the brand of the year award during the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards which held in Lagos penultimate weekend.

But what makes Indomie tick? What makes the instant noodles brand which opened its first production plant in 1995 under Dufil Prima number one in the Nigerian market?

One thing the brand has managed to sustain is its mass appeal. Indomie is loved by the young and old. The brand has warmed its way into the hearts of children in particular, who form the majority of its consumers and its core target audience.

Beyond its one-of-a-kind taste, quality, ready availability and affordability, the brand has also proved to be customer friendly over the years.

Indomie keeps children entertained by shooting entertaining and catchy TV commercials and jingles they can relate to, and rewarding them while at it. A good example of this the “Indomitables” animation series where kids are encouraged to look for and compile stickers of their favourite superheroes from the noodle pack.

The brand is known to take its Corporate Social Responsibility through its numerous efforts to make life easier for the average Nigerian.  For instance, it has invested in the education sector by giving out scholarships to winners of its promo game shows; and also through its MSc Nutrition Scholarship Awards which had not less than 12 postgraduate students from different universities as beneficiaries.

Indomie also offers variety in its flavours to cater to different taste buds unlike many of its competitors who are limited to one or two flavours.

Another factor that has worked for the noodle brand is the fact that the it keeps reinventing itself. Its constantly changing attractive packaging and overall look and feel presents an attraction for consumers, especially children who are more likely to be drawn to colours; an attribute one can also find on its website which celebrates children in a colourful and adventurous way.

What’s more, the brand is not slowing down. Little wonder, even usually fierce competitors, Dangote noodles subtly bowed to the superiority of Indomie in the noodle market by selling its facility to it.

The progression of Indomie Noodles and its  ability to stay on top of its game is a something many brands can take a cue from.