GTBank’s Innovative Marketing Strides Through Superior Value Creation

If there’s one brand that continues to chart new frontiers when it comes to devising ways to ensure it stays at the top of the mind of its customers, then it is Guarantee Trust Bank.

From its architecturally aesthetic building designs to its ever evolving use of technology to provide easy ways of carrying out transactions and engaging its teeming customers, to its unwavering commitment to its corporate social responsibility, GTBank continues to blaze the trail for others to follow.

After giving small businesses in the Nigerian Food Industry a free platform to showcase and promote their culinary creations through the GTBank Food and Drink Fair only last month, the financial institution decided to give Lagosians a pleasant surprise and give them some respite from their daily commute struggles by deploying BRT buses to provide free transportation to and from their places of work.

The initiative which rode on the 737 mobile services (yet another initiative pioneered by GTBank) was all about offering Lagos residents free transportation between 7am and 7.37am during the week.

It’s a simple but genius idea. In a bustling city like Lagos where it’s often a battle to get to work early as a result of the teeming population of the state compared to the limited transportation available, it doesn’t take an Einstein to know that any sort of intervention in the transportation sector is welcome.

GTBank is one of the few brands that Nigerians have a love-hate relationship with. Many criticize the bank’s inability to properly manage its overwhelming number of customers, the aftermath of which leaves customers queuing for an unreasonable amount of time at the bank’s branches.

Ironically, in spite of the shortcoming mentioned above, more and more people continue to open accounts with the financial institution.

This is because GTBank has perfected the art of coming up with ingenious marketing strategies that demonstrate its care for customers while also managing to place the brand at the forefront of their consciousness – A perfect blend of what is required to ensure brand longevity.

The bank’s 737 service delivery channel remains one of the most useful and well thought out innovations by any financial institution till date.

It endeared many Nigerians to GTBank because they could now carry out transactions and perform banking functions using any type of mobile phone, as opposed to being restricted to the smart (and more expensive) phones.

In a fast-paced rapidly evolving world, brands must continue to re-invent themselves if they intend to enjoy a sustainable top of mind awareness with customers and clients, as well as a reasonable market share.

Guaranty Trust bank may have its issues, but on the count of re-inventing itself, remaining dynamic and executing projects that have meaningful impact on not just their customers, but the public at large, it’s safe to say they have their bases covered.