Beyond the Logo: Create a Memorable Brand Experience

It’s the classic “school boy error” not just entrepreneurial neophytes, but large corporations make. Focusing on aesthetics – Logo, at the expense of what’s most important. – Brand experience.

When customers aren’t satisfied with the service or treatment received from an organisation, more often than not it can be traced to a poor experience in relating with a brand.

Don’t get me wrong, logos are important. They are a visual representation of what a brand stands for – Its culture, values, beliefs and promise, and provides easy identification of a brand among others. However, that’s just the surface of things.

A brand goes beyond a logo, and how beautiful or ugly it appears. And that’s where many startups miss the mark. It is not uncommon to find new businesses in particular committing huge funds into designing their logo.

They expend needless energy and money on what can essentially be tagged as “window dressing” instead of concentrating their efforts in creating a memorable experience that will ensure a customer keeps coming back.

The goal of a business is to make profit. And to achieve this, customers who will patronize the brand regularly are needed. They are the ones who can help a business fulfill its dream of being profitable. Little wonder why they say “Customer is King.”

The truth is that a Logo doesn’t say much about the story or integrity of a brand. Its products, marketing executions and customer service does. A logo can be changed at any point, as many of the big brands we know today have done to reflect a new phase of their growth at one time or the other. However, a bad first impression cannot be changed, and its after effects are difficult to control.

A logo shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your brand. Rather a combination of strategy, call to action, communication tools, people, facilities and logo are what forms a brand, and customers should get a feel of this combination whenever they come in contact with it.

A customer whose complaint about poor internet connection is not solved by a telecommunications company is likely to jettison that service provider for another when he gets to his wits end.

Another, whose insurance claims is being delayed unnecessarily or rejected on some dubious technicalities despite having provided all the required documents relating to the theft of his car will not only have a bad impression about the Insurance company, but will go ahead to dissuade others from patronizing the said company. No logo, advert or promotions will change his mind in this kind of scenario, because a promise that isn’t backed by action is worthless.

Entrepreneurs should always think of service first. Provide great service and you are not likely to lose your customers and even more likely to gain new ones, as satisfied customers are sure to spread the gospel of your brand to others.

Think of the biggest brands in the world today; they are the those who have perfected the art of making customers feel special.

A logo may be the face, but brand experience is the soul of any business.