Made In Nigeria (MaiN) Festival

Made In Nigeria (MaiN) Festival


Feb 2018


Sponsorship Consulting, Asset Development, Activation, Brand Design, Marketing


Naming, Designing & Executing A "Uniquely Nigerian Experience"

Main Management and Promotions, founders of the Made in Nigeria Festival, are a group of individuals with a vision to create a global brand and platform that will position Nigeria as the go to destination in Africa for businesses by creating a more inviting and penetrable environment for partnerships with the world that will in turn generate investment and boost growth in the Nigerian

The festival was created to showcase the best of Nigeria across sectors such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture and technology. The intention is also to use this platform to propel and encourage production of goods and services that are made in Nigeria or made for the Nigerian market.

The Challenge

When the clients approached us, the only thing they really had was an idea for an exhibition, conferences and entertainment around “all things made-in-Nigeria”.of what they were trying to achieve. What they really required was a detailed and in depth marketing and communications strategy, brand and design as the logo had to be redesigned amongst other items such as, brand collateral, sponsorship collateral and most importantly execution of the entire project, which almost spreads the breadth of all our services. In essence, we were creating and building a brand from the ground up, if you know us you know we’re always up for a challenge.

What We Did

We began by re-naming the idea and conceiving the “MaIN Festival” identity. We then created a visual and verbal language around this identity to create resonance amongst its target groups.
Undertaking incisive research, we created all the content, communications and pillars of the program, to ensure it would stand the test of time. We developed sponsor packet and leveraged our contacts to generate funds for the program. With the help of a sales team we recruited, helped market and sell exhibition spaces, and more importantly raise funds and garner support for the festival. We designed and executed the marketing and communications strategy, which saw us produce content that was featured on international news networks such as CNN, as well as other local TV stations.


In spite of the fact that the program was launched in the middle of a recession, we helped raise significant sums to defray some of the costs of implementing the program. The maiden edition of the
Festival attracted a daily audience of almost 300 people to the grounds for each day of the event. The grand finale also featured some of Nigeria’s best performers in an open-air concert that was
produced to international standards.