Westfield Development Initiative

Westfield Development Initiative


Feb 2018


Brand Design, Web


Branding a community service organisation

Westfield Development Initiative is a non-governmental organization committed to fighting poverty and disease in Nigeria by offering services to eradicate malaria and improve primary health care, especially in the rural communities. The organization needed to improve its identity and sharpen its key messaging, so they approached us for support.

What We Did

We began the task by engaging the founders and Board members in a discovery workshop to test the core fundamentals of the organization. We examined its history, practices, programs and collectively brainstormed ideas to help re-position the group and its activities for greater impact within the community. Over the course of several weeks, we examined the outcomes from the workshop and proceeded to generate a new vision, mission and objectives to re-create the organizations strategy. We also utilised our findings to design a new brand identity, including collateral for the organization.


Our work helped WDI re-launch a brand new identity system that was replicated across business collateral. The group also got a newly engineered vision and mission statement that has helped propel them to the next growth phase of the organization. They also re-launched a new website, which we helped them design and manage for the first few months post-brand launch. WDI’s social media engagement increased over the period and continues to grow.