Feb 2018


Marketing, Advisory, Brand Design, Print, Sponsorship


Designing A Puma Experience

Puma is a European multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories for men and women of all age grades. The company is represented in Nigeria by retail innovator & pioneer, PERSIANS RETAIL GROUP (who also exclusively hold the license to distribute premium brands including Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Inglot cosmetics).

Persianas Retail Group had negotiated the first (and only) professional kit supply agreement between a Nigerian team (in the Nigerian Professional Football League) and a global sports outfit manufacturer and intended to supply the kits upon completion of negotiations.

What We Did

We discouraged them from simply handing over the kits and supplies to the club, and instead designed a consumer engagement event around the kit launch. The aim of the event was to reinforce the positioning of the PUMA brand in Nigeria and highlight the investments of Persianas Retail Group in promoting the brand across the country. Our Event Playbook provided the concept, design elements, visual and mood elements of the events and provided guidance on the best ways for the brand to connect with its consumers at the point of their passion- football.


The outcome was a very well attended world-class event organized and implemented by Persianas Retail Group and its agencies in strict compliance to the contents of the playbook and event we designed.