National Sports Festival

National Sports Festival


Feb 2018


Sponsorship Consulting, Property Valuation, Print


Sponsorship Consulting for a National Sports Event

The National Sports Festival is the premiere national youth sports event in Nigeria, with over 50,000 athletes drawn from across the states of the federation participating in 10 sports and events over a two- week period. This multi-sport event promotes healthy and keen competition amongst the states of the federation under an atmosphere of sportsmanship and camaraderie which greatly
enhances the cohesion and peace of the member states of the federation. The event is utilized as a veritable instrument for national unity, cohesion, peace, mutual understanding, friendship,
cross- cultural affiliation as well as other positive values.

What We Did

The official marketers of the event approached us to help provide a true market value of the property and assess possible passion points that brands and businesses could leverage. During our
valuation sessions, we cannibalised the property in its regular state pieced it back together, highlighting newly evolved elements that could be leveraged for marketing purposes. We created a hierarchy of benefits and utilised our unique models and insights to provide a true value and asking price for each element.


We delivered a comprehensive document that contained a marketing action plan as well as an easy-to-follow sponsorship sales action plan. Our work helped the client surpass sponsorship targets for the Festival.