Lagos Jazz Series

Lagos Jazz Series


Feb 2018


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Sponsorship Consulting for Jazz Asset

Established by Mr. Oti Bazunu, the Lagos jazz series is a world-class celebration of outstanding quality music that takes places every year in a series of carefully selected high-quality outdoor venues and locations in Lagos state. The series helps to position Lagos State as an international destination for a diverse range of music genres, especially the best of jazz music.In addition to the festival, LJS also birthed a CSR initiative effort, “Bring Back the Music” (BBM) the objectives being to discover, develop and encourage young musical talents as well as educating the youth about musical history and empowerment, not forgetting the joys and fun of music too.

The Challenge

LJS were celebrating their 5th year anniversary of the festival, so naturally they wanted it to be a spectacular affair. The greatest challenge however was the lack of funds in a depressed economy.
The founder enlisted our services to help them design a sponsorship strategy and help raise funds for the anniversary edition of the event.

What We Did

As most of what we do is heavily dependant and reliant on insight and intelligence, one of the first things we had to do was undertake a thorough evaluation of the sponsorship property. We deconstructed it bit by bit to glean insights into the Jazz culture in Nigeria. We also researched jazz festivals across the world to give us a better understanding of what we were working with and how to best approach the challenge. Our findings enabled us design a sponsorship packet specifically targeted toward brands more suited to the festival and it also helped us with creating a benchmark for this particular niche product. In trying to offer a better experience to attendees we also came up with content and themes that we believed would deliver on our promise if properly executed.


Powered with findings from our research we were able to effectively target our efforts of marketing the property to both sponsors and attendees alike. With better understanding that the festival has its own niche market and lacks mass-market appeal, we effectively reached out to a distinct audience that participated in the 5th-year edition of the festival. It allowed us to successfully price, promote and market the festival as well as being able to offer sponsors value or money. The property owner received funds to execute a world-class event that was both memorable and worthwhile for
participating sponsors.