City of Bath

City of Bath


Feb 2018


Graphic, Web


Location Intelligence for Historic City

The historic city of Bath is a town in the south-western part of England, renowned for its natural hot springs, 18th century Georgian architecture and overall tourism appeal. With a population of 81,980 people, it is the largest city in the ceremonial country of Somerset, England. Tourism is one of the greatest contributors to the city’s economy and to harness the potential of the sector, the Bath & North East Somerset Council commissioned us to assess the city’s visitor economy and provide tangible data that would help increase tourist numbers to various destinations across the city.

What we did

Working with the City’s partners, we conducted a broad-based survey to assess the viability of each potential destination and attraction in the city. We then segmented the population and historical records to establish target groups for each of the segments identified.


The end result was actionable information that was easily accessible via a citywide digital mapping platform. To ensure all levels of stakeholders could easily use the data we provided, we designed a dashboard that we made responsive to various technology devices, allowing the information to be viewed and used on the go.